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About Us


The THOMi Foundation was formed in 2015 to assist single mothers in creating a better life for themselves and their family through career development or business start-ups. We rely on donations from caring people and from private grants. Your donation is appreciated!



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Making a Difference

Helping Families

The number of children being raised by single parents increases drastically each year in the United States and around the world. The THOMi Foundation was formed to assist these single parents in creating a better life for their family.

We believe in a hand-up versus a hand-out. That’s why we adopted the Single Parent Interest Free Loan Program or SPIF. It allows us to loan money interest free to single moms, to help them create businesses or further develop their career, in order to better provide for their families.

We’re also able to loan single parents money in times of emergencies, such as to cover repairs on a broken down automobile or to fill an urgent need for adequate housing.

And finally, as these loans are paid back, the funds are paid forward, to help other single parents in need.

What we do

Our Services

Our Single Parent Interest Free loan program (SPIF) is designed to assist single parents in improving their life situation through education/training, small business ownership or career development. We have approved loans for single moms for online businesses; personal trainers; medical coding courses; many different types of aesthetic businesses; counseling and addiction recovery businesses etc.

If you aren’t sure what you would like to do, we have a fail proof short term rental management business program and also a home staging business program if those interest you. We love to see single moms with drive and passion to improve their lives and also contribute to their communities at the same time.

You may apply for the SPIF loan online through this website and will be contacted by one of our team through email. If your interest free loan is approved we currently have a cap of $2,500 per applicant. You will be given 2 months with no payment. As you start paying the loan back, if there are no late or missed payments then the latter half (50%) of your loan will be forgiven.

We also have a great support group to assist you on your journey so there is no need to feel scared or alone while taking steps to improve your life.